What we're learning.

July‘s Basic Truth is: God Made Me.

July's Key Question:  Who can do what God wants you to do?

July's Bottom Line:     I can do what God wants me to do.

July 1 & 2 - Daniel
Young Daniel and his three friends ask to only eat vegetables and drink water when in training with King Nebuchadnezzar because they want to honor God.    (Daniel 1)

July 8 & 9 - Miriam
Young Miriam watches her baby brother Moses after their mom puts him in a basket and hides him in the reeds on the bank of the Nile River.           (Exodus 1:22-2:10)

July 15 & 16 - Josiah
Josiah becomes king at just eight years old and leads the people to do what God wants them to.          (2 Chronicles 34)

July 22 & 23 - Boy and His Lunch
Jesus uses a young boy's lunch to perform a miracle and feed over 5000 people.               (John 6:1-13)

July 29 & 30 - Timothy
A review of Kids Rock ending with Timothy encouraging the reader to not let anyone think less of them because they are young.      (1 Timothy 4:12)