What we're learning.


February‘s Basic Truth is: Jesus wants to be my friend forever.

February Key Question:  Who does Jesus love?

February's Bottom Line:  Jesus loves everyone.

February 3 & 4 - Woman at the Well
Jesus is a friend to the woman at the well..    (John 4:1-30)

February 10 & 11 - Zacchaeus
Jesus has dinner with Zacchaeus and forgives him for the wrong he has done.           (Luke 19:1-10)

February 17 & 18 -The Unloved Woman
Jesus saves a woman from being hurt and forgives her of the wrong she has done.      (John 8:2-11)

February 24 & 25 - Peter's Denial and Restoration
Peter denies knowing Jesus, but Jesus forgives Peter and gives him an important job.       (Matthew 26:31-35, 69-75; John 21:15-17)