What we're learning.

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September Basic Truth is: God Loves Me. 

September Key Question:  Who keeps His promises?

September Bottom Line:  God keeps His promises.

September 1 & 2 -Moses and the Burning Bush
God speaks to Moses from a burning bush to tell him what to do and promises to be with him. (Exodus 3, Psalm 118:7)

September 8 & 9 - Moses in the Sea
God parts the Sea so Moses can safely lead the Israelites across dry ground.           (Exodus 13:17-18; 14)

September 15 & 16 -Abraham and Sarah
God keeps His promise and gives Abraham and Sarah a son after they had waited a long time. (Genesis 12:2-3, 18:1-15, 21:1-6)

September 22 & 23 -Noah (God's Plan)
Noah trusts that God's plan is best and obeys everything God tells him to do.       (Genesis 6:8-33, 7:1-20)

September 29 & 30 -Noah (God's Promise)
God keeps Noah and his family safe and then gives the rainbow as a sign of a new promise. (Genesis 8:1-9:17)