Student Ministry Forms

Looking for a waiver, medical release, registration form, etc? This is the place. Please click on the appropriate form. It will automatically download in your browser. Please print, complete and return the form to the Family Ministry Department or e-mail them to

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Activity Wavier for ALL EVENTS

This form covers almost everything, except UFO landings from other galaxies. This is probably why it takes about half a lifetime to complete. No worries though. Once this form is completed and notarized it is good for a year.

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Permission Slips for Local Service Projects

At times we will skip out on our time in the AXIS to serve others. This form gives your teen permission to ride along with one of our volunteers. No worries, we haven’t had any NASCAR drivers for awhile.

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Summer Camp Forms

Just when you thought your were registered for camp you realized there is actually a 4-page printout to complete. This form gives us all of the details for camp - t-shirt size, insurance information, names, favorite camp activities and more.