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We believe that in the Nursery here at Lima Community “as we are changing diapers….God is changing lives.” We begin at the earliest age layering on God’s love for these precious little ones. Several ways we do this is by praying Bible verses over them as we change diapers, as we rock and comfort the little ones or are sitting on the floor playing we remind them that Jesus loves them & they are special to Him.

Upcoming Events


All children ages 4 and up will join their parents in the sanctuary during the regular weekend services on September 28 & 29 as we all worship and learn together. Tinytown Nursery will be open for children ages birth to 3 years. Hope to see you there!

“Rice Bowl- Give Yum! Collection

(October 5-November 17)

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Frequently Asked Questions

What If my little one needs me during the service?

We will flash the security number you’ve been given on the screen in the sanctuary.

What does my little one need to bring to the nursery?

A bottle or sippy cup, a change of clothes, diapers, pacifier and if they have a “lovey”, you’re encouraged to leave that also.

I'm nursing, am I still able to leave my little one in the nursery?

Certainly! We encourage you to sign them into the age-appropriate Nursery (so you can enjoy the service). When signing them in, please tell us that they nurse and may become hungry during the service. If they become fussy, we will alert you using their security number right away.

My two year old is potty training. Will you take them to the potty?

Yes, we certainly will. But, we ask that you take them potty prior to signing them into their room.

Will my little one get sick in the nursery?

We hope not! We do EVERYTHING we can to insure that our toys are clean and sanitized.

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Cindy Lowry

Nursery Coordinator

Have any more questions? Contact Cindy:


419.223.9646 ext. 1121