When is it?

Saturday at 6:00p.m.

Sunday at 9:00a.m. & 10:45a.m

Upcoming Events

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H.I.T Kid Training

This is just for upcoming 5th graders. DOWNTOWN Elementary is looking for 2019-20 5th graders who want to serve by helping with the Bible table, the DOWNTOWN Crew table, the offering, and the younger children in whatever way is needed. For those interested, we will be having a training time on Sunday August 4th at 12:15PM in DOWNTOWN Elementary. Lunch will be provided. Please RSVP to by July 29th to Miss Pam at pamlittle@limacc.com or 419-223-9646 ext 1133.

Open House for New 1st Graders

All upcoming 2019-20 First Graders are invited to an Open House in DOWNTOWN...
WHEN? Saturdays August 10th and 17th around 7:15PM and Sundays August 11th and 18th around 12:15PM
(You only need to come to one.)
WHAT? A chance to meet Miss Pam and explore the DOWNTOWN area with your parents with a quick scavenger hunt.
**Please wait patiently near (not on) the stage when you come down to the open house. Other parents will be picking up their children after services. Once the area clears, we will start with our Open House.

Promotion Weekend

Ready to move up! All children completing Kindergarten through 12th grade will move up to their next grade level for the 2019-2020 school year on August 24 & 25. Until that time everyone will stay in the grade they just completed.


We are continuing through the ten commandments, keeping in step with what they are talking about in BIG Church.  Kids are continuing to be challenged and encouraged to memorize and recite the Ten Commandments by August 24 & 25.  They can earn a $5 gift card or other reward if they learn them.  We will also be encouraging them to memorize Joshua 1:8 which will be our memory verse all summer long.

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We use 252 Basics from Orange:

Everything we teach from 252 Basics is based on one of three basic,
but powerful truths from Luke 2:52.


I need to make the wise choice.


I can trust God no matter what.


I should treat others the way I want to be treated.

We teach these core truths by showing kids:

That the Bible is the source of wisdom and truth.
That what they learn applies to their daily lives.
That their relationships with small group leaders and friends matter.

Most kids will form their entire idea of who God is and choose whether or not they will have a relationship with Him before leaving 5th grade. That’s why weekends are so important here at Lima Community Church.

Stuff you need to Know:

In order to provide for the ultimate security of your child while in our care, we follow a strict security policy.

*All of our DOWNTOWN elementary volunteers and staff have been through volunteer training and have been background checked.

*Parents may check their kids into DOWNTOWN Elementary beginning 15 minutes prior to service starting.  They will do this using our “Secure Check-in” computer system.

*When you check your child in, you and your child will be given matching security ID #’s as well as a pager number.  When the service is over, you must present your ID # to receive your child.  Children are not permitted to leave DOWNTOWN Elementary without the proper adult.

*If your child needs you during the service, we will put your pager number on the screen in the main service.

*20 minutes after each service begins, the children’s area is secured and only parents with security tags are allowed to access the area by seeing a safety team member.

*In the unlikely occurrence the building needs evacuated, all parents will be directed to the east driveway parking lot where you may pick up your child with the approval of the leader.

Well Child Policy:

We ask that sick children NOT attend DOWNTOWN Elementary in order to ensure the health of other children and staff.

Discipline Policy:

It is the desire of the volunteers and staff of DOWNTOWN Elementary to create an environment that promotes learning and spiritual growth for our children.  When correction is necessary, children will be treated with gentleness, respect, and understanding.  Should a child conduct him/herself in a manner that is distracting or harmful to another child, he will be asked to change his behavior.  If the behavior continues, the parent will be paged and the child may be removed from DOWNTOWN Elementary for that service.


All children Kindergarten-5th Grade are promoted in the fall at the beginning of the school year.



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Pam Little

Director of Children's Ministry

Have any more questions? 
Contact Pam.


419.223.9646 ext 1133

Check out what we learned this weekend.